: Wynonna Judd

: She Is His Only Need

Billy was a small town loner
Who never did dream
Of ever leaving southern Arizona
Or ever hearing wedding bells ring
He never had a lot of luck with the ladies
But he sure had a lot of good working skills
Never cared about climbing any ladder
He knew the way in a small cafe, found the will

He met Miss Bonnie
And a little bit of her was a little too much
A few movies and a few months latter
The feeling got strong enough
They didnt own a car
So it must have been love
That drove him uptown for a diamond
Thats when he started goin?


Over the line
Working overtime
To give her things just to hear her say she dont deserve them
But he loves her and he just kept going overboard
Over the limit to afford to give her things he knew she wanted
Cause without her where would he be?
See, its not for him
She is his only need

Ring on her finger and one on the ladder
A new promotion every now and then
Bonnie worked until she couldnt tie her apron
Then stayed at home and had the first of two children
And my, how the time did fly
The babies grew up and moved away
Left 'em sitting on the front porch rocking
And Billy watching Bonnies hair turn gray

And evry once in a while you could see him get up
And hed head downtown
Cause he heard about something she wanted
And it just had to be found