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Минусовка My Angel Is Here

Wynonna Judd

MP3 128 kBit/s 44100 Hz 4.93 Mb 5:23

Текст песни My Angel Is Here (Wynonna Judd):

They say, there's a state of heaven
Somewhere, way beyond the clouds
I know, there's a piece of heaven in every little thing that you do
Cuz every time you walk in the room
My angel is here, my angel is here

Lying, saying I ain't lonely
Crying, when no one sees my tears
Dying, whenever love's disowned me
Each night I've prayed for help to get through
And when I felt you near me I knew
My angel is here, my angel is here

I'm so protected and heaven's so near
When I am under your wing
My wounds are healed, and my spirit is clear
So come on angel, make my heart sing

So when I'm lost and alone, who will find me?
Who's there whenever I call
Show me the way to the strength that's inside me
Pick me up, whenever I fall

You say, love is no conditions
Each soul, is free to come and go
Stay strong, I don't need permission
Cuz paradise is waiting for me
Every time I hear my heart speak
My angel is here
My angel is here
My angel is here
My angel is here

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