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Минусовка Apeman

The Kinks

MP3 320 kBit/s 44100 Hz 9,14 Mb 3:59

Текст песни Apeman (The Kinks):


I Think Im Sophisticated
Cos Im Living My Life Like A Good Homosapiens
But All Around Me Everybodys Multiplying
And Theyre Walking Round Like Flies Man.
So Im No Better Than The Animals Sitting
In Their Cages In The Zoo Man
Cos Compared To The Flowers And The Birds And The Trees,
I Am An Apeman.

I Think Im So Educated And Im So Civilized
Cos Im A Strict Vegetarian
But With The Over-population And Inflation, Starvation
And The Crazy Politicians
I Dont Feel Safe In This World No More
I Dont Want To Die In A Nuclear War
I Want To Sail Away To A Distant Shore And Make Like An Apeman
Im An Apeman, Im An Ape Apeman
Im An Apeman. Im A King Kong Man, Im Voodoo Man,
Im An Apeman.
Cos Compared To The Sun That Sits In The Sky,
Compared To The Clouds As They Roll By,
Compared To The Bugs And The Spiders And Flies, I Am An Apeman.
La, La, La, La, La, Lala.

In Mans Evolution He Has Created The Cities And
The Motor Traffic Rumble, But Give Me Half A Chance
And Id Be Taking Off My Clothes And Living In The Jungle
Cos The Only Time That I Feel At Ease
Is Swinging Up And Down In A Coconut Tree
Oh What A Life Of Luxury To Be Like An Ape Man
Im An Ape Man, Im An Ape Ape Man, Im An Ape Man
Im A King Kong Man, Im A Voodoo Man, Im An Ape Man.
I Look Out My Window,
But I Cant See The

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