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Минусовка Smile

Ани Лорак

MP3 320 kBit/s 44100 Hz 7,02 Mb 3:04

Текст песни Smile (Ани Лорак):

You're such a pretty little thing
I don't know why you wanna be
Wasting all your time being so serious.
You read, you watch, you think too much
When will you learn to lighten up
Don't you know that you're starting to worry us?

These are the words a girl
Hears all her life
Taught how to keep herself
Looked inside
Put on a happy face and

Smile for the camera
Smile and be glamorous
Hide your pain and anger away
Save your rainy weather for another day
Smile such a pretty girl
Smile you can have the world
Hide your pain and anger away
Won't you put a smile on that pretty face.

Bad mood, bad day, no diplomat
No pation for a game like that
Maybe I'll just let myself be down.
So sorry, oops, almost forgot
The prime directive that I'm not
Not allowed to spoil things with a frown.

Look at how cute you
Sweet little thing
If only she weren't so serious.

These are the words a girl
Hears all her life
Girl, taught how to keep herself
Looked inside

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